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Cooking at Home: Stromboli

I grew up cooking with my Mom and I've loved it from a young age. I didn't even realize that not eating a sit down meal at least once a day was an option.

It honestly wasn't until recently when I was setting the table with all four kids underfoot and putting the baby in the highchair at noon, that I realized that this is probably why some people choose not to cook.

It is work. You have to love it to do it all the time and not have it feel like a chore.

I do it because I love it, and because I don't have a lot of choice. There is no way I can afford feeding a family of six eating out all the time.

We don't eat fancy meals, although I love cooking up a nice meal now and again, usually I am cooking with at least two of the kids underfoot, and I am just happy to get a home cooked meal on the table.

I serve my kids. At the table. From the pot. It goes on their plate. They eat it.

End of story.

My weeknight meals aren't going to end up in a photo spread in a magazine…

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