Monday, April 7, 2014

Folllow Along on Pinterest and Instagram

Technology is not my jam.

In fact, it generally makes me want to scream expletives at my computer.

But today I conquered technology two for two and I am excited.

If you haven't noticed it yet,  I now have a link up to my Instagram and Pinterest accounts! Check out the pics to your right, (my right is your right, right?)

Anyways, you can follow me on Pinterest if you want to see my inspirations for Lucky or follow me on Instagram and see what I've been up to!

I'm excited to branch out a bit, and show you another side of where my ideas come from!

Well that's it for today. I am technologically spent! I'm going to go do something hands on, like hang the kitchen cabinet doors or make a gallery wall! Way more fun for me than widgets and html's... bleh!

Thanks for stopping by today!

P.S. I followed this tutorial for the Pinterest link and this one for Instagram! I literally couldn't have done it without them!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Small Change, Major Happy

I finally cracked the ole paint bucket back open today. I got about half of the first coat of edging in the office done before life beckoned and I had to wash the brush and shut things down.

What can you do? That's just DIY in real life. I start one project just to stop and start another. Painting walls isn't exactly kid friendly, so when the babes are around I try to do something a little less messy or just wait till nap time.

So I decided to do a small project after lunch. By little, I mean it took less than ten minutes.

I have a storage box that I use to store the girls' shoes in. There is over twenty pairs of shoes in this thing and the girls are in and out of this box several times a day.

I bought the storage box for cheap, because the top cover was wearing off at the time. Soon after I got it, I pulled the torn cover off and it has sat in our entry way looking like this since we moved in.

It needed a little update.

I unscrewed the hinges that held the lid on.

I grabbed some fabric I already had on hand and a staple gun (a girls best friend!) and stapled the fabric in place. 

I reattached the hinges. (Look at the shoes piled in there)! 

And voila!

A happy little change for the entry! 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Little Inspiration

We've been in Lucky for nearly a month (still can't believe that!), I think it's time to quit procrastinating and finish up some of the little projects that I was planning on finishing as soon as we moved in.

On this list are; finishing the paint touch ups in the office, living room, dining and kitchen. Once that is complete I can really start decorating.

But alas, I have been lacking the ambition to get out the paint and trays and brushes after all the painting I've already done!

Instead I've been pinning away like crazy on Pintrest.

Here's a little of what's been inspiring me lately...

Loving this gallery wall. 

Oraganized entry? Yes please!

I have two little girls that would squeal over this room!

Love. Everything. About. This. Kitchen. 

And what I really need, an inviting place to rest. 

What's been inspiring you?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mom's Homemade Bread

It's been forever since I have posted a recipe on the blog. 

Recently I went home to my parents house and ever since I got back, I have been craving my Mom's homemade bread. 

Making homemade bread can seem like a daunting task. This one is definitely not. It takes about five minutes to mix together, two hours to raise, and thirty minutes to bake. 

There is literally two hours thirty five minutes standing between you and warm, melt in your mouth homemade bread. 

As with most things I make, I took the recipe and winged it, given what I had on hand. The only thing I changed was that the recipe calls for bread flour, and I only had two cups of that, so the rest I used regular all purpose flour. I will say the same thing my mom told me, all purpose flour will work, but bread flour is better. 

So without further adieu, I give you my mom's recipe for homemade bread!

Homemade White Bread

Mix together: 
2 1/2 cups warm water (110 degrees) (I don't measure the temperature I just use water that is pretty warm to the touch, but doesn't hurt.)
2 packages yeast (equal to 4 1/2 tsp)
3 TBLS sugar
Set aside and wait until the yeast is bubbly looking. About three to five minutes. 

3 TBLS vegetable oil
1 TBLS salt
2 cups bread flour

Mix together well. 

Then in 1 cup increments add up to 4 1/2 cups bread flour, until dough is no longer sticky. 

It should look something like the photo above :) 

Place in a greased bowl, turning once to coat dough with oil. Cover and let rise for one hour. 

Divide into two balls and place into two greased loaf pans. 

Rise, covered, till doubled, approximately one hour. 

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Turn oven down to 350 degrees when you put the bread in. Bake for thirty minutes. Bread is done when top is golden brown and sounds hollow when you tap it. 

That's it! Eat till your heart is content!

Have a beautiful Saturday and enjoy your weekend! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Progress is in the Eye of the Beholder (of the pictures)!

My sister stopped by the other day on her way through town. There were still boxes in corners and not really any official decorating done. She commented in the not-so-subtle that only a sister can, that she was very surprised with how nonchalant I have been about taking my time in putting the house together.

Not exactly sure how to run with that, but I'm going to take it as a compliment! It means I am being calm and patient. Thanks sister :)

In fact, I just put my first screw in the wall of the addition the other day to hang a mirror. I was terrified of messing up and having to do it twice. In the old house it didn't really matter, if I missed a stud it was just fake paneling, so I didn't care, but in this house, I don't want a hundred holes in the new sheetrock!

Luckily it only took one try. I used my stud finder, took a couple measurements and bada-bing I have a mirror hung!

Elsewhere though, its another story!

The walls in the existing house are all plaster, and it takes a bit more finesse to hang stuff, so for now, I am just finding random nails in the walls and hanging stuff on them!

Therefore, there is artwork in weird places, and mirrors that are too low, but at least they are no longer leaned against the wall or piled on the floor within reach of small children!

There are still plenty of boxes and things scattered about, but I thought I'd update you on what things look like now, compared to two weeks ago. I did the same as before and just grabbed my camera and took pictures this morning of exactly what the house looks like. No need to be perfect, we're all friends here, right?

I thought a side by side comparison might be fun! Let's get started!

Entry before...

Entry now... 

Granted its from a different angle, but we now have a temporary bathroom door (the door is too narrow, so I have to find another one), a rug and all of the boxes are out of the main walkway!

This end is still pretty messy though. I need to decide where or what I want to hang our coats on. I'm deciding between racks hung on the wall or a piece of furniture that I can move around as I want. Ideas anyone? 

Kitchen before...

Kitchen now... 

It's cleaned up a bit in places and we got the hutch moved in. The butcher block countertops are mounted and oiled (I"ll tell you more about that later!) Still waiting on hinges for the cabinet doors, but with them open it's been great because the kiddos and the Hubs can see everything and learn where it's at. This way, when we add doors, they won't be looking for everything. Easier for me!

Pantry before... 

Pantry now....

More organized, but a long ways to go! (Yes, that's a kickball on the floor. Why wouldn't a kid play kickball in there?)

I now have the countertop installed, so the microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and toaster oven have a home! I love this set up soooo much! 

And nothing says home like a drawing of the family on the fridge... oh how I love that little girl!

Dining room before... 

Dining room now... 

Most noticeable is we have a table! Woo hoo! A friend found it for me at a school sale and I bought it for $25! It seats ten people comfortably, and twelve people that are willing to be really friendly! 

I've cleared out all but a few boxes and pushed the electric fireplace against a wall.  We are still adjusting to having such a large table and figuring out where everyone in our little family of four wants to sit. Each meal is a musical chairs fiasco! 

Living room before...

Living room now.. 

We moved the smaller TV into the toy room, and put the world's heaviest TV in here. Someday we'll upgrade to a flatscreen, but for now this beast will remain. In here you can see an example of a randomly hung mirror and art. This room is free of boxes! Just a pile of blankets that needs to be folded and a lot of decorating to go! 

Office before...

Office now... 

We rearranged last night and got the bookshelf where I can use it. I also carried out all of the leftover wood pieces from the construction projects and got most of the boxes put away. 

This side of the office is looking way better than before. I have my sewing desk set up and can't wait to use it! As you can see I still need to paint all the edges of the room, but I love it anyways! 

Toy room before...

Toy room now...

Yep, messier than before. Isn't that what toy rooms are for?! 

So with the inside balancing between getting there and a long ways to go, I thought I'd share with you something beautiful.

This was the sunrise from my kitchen window the other morning. 
See why I'm not in a hurry to put things away? I'm too busy staring out my window. 

And a few mornings later, we had visitors! This is only half of the mule deer that came through the yard that morning!

So that's it. 

That is why it doesn't bother me that there is still things that need to be put away. There is still plenty to do, lot's of little things and a couple of bigger projects (finish painting dining room and office), but overall I am satisfied. When I don't want to look at the mess inside I just sit down and look at the view out my window, and it feels just right!

Happy Tuesday friends! Hope you have a wonderful day! What projects are you working on or are you just counting down till the weather starts warming up? 

Till next time... 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Imperfectly Ready

I am just going to put this out there, I will never be perfect and neither will my home.

In the world of home design and home bloggers, I often see people striving for perfection, or at least an air of perfection.

A fear of showing their homes until they have reached perfection.

And it's in the everyday world we live in as well.

I suffer from it as much as anyone else. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" if you will; being embarrassed that your home somehow doesn't measure up to those of your peers, the peoples homes that seem perfectly organized, dusted and vacuumed. The homes without toys everywhere, and dirty dishes in the sink.

But really, how often do you drop in on someone's home? Usually there is a phone call in advance. There is a warning sounded that encourages the one you are visiting to scramble and hide the clutter and messes. The things that would let people know we are not 'perfect'.

A good friend of mine and I admitted that we did this a lot for one another. We would hear the other was coming and rush around hiding messes behind cabinet doors and stuffing unfolded laundry into the closet, lest someone know we had clean clothes that had yet to be taken care of.

But a while ago we realized that this silly fear of the other knowing our imperfections was keeping us from setting up play dates or spontaneously dropping by for a visit on a day when we just needed a friend to talk to.

So we made a deal, don't judge my mess and I won't judge yours.

So simple, and yet so life altering.

One day not long ago, in the middle of the mess that was pre-move, that same friend and her husband dropped by unexpected to see progress on the new house.

After a tour, we went back to our old house and I let go of my fears and invited them in. No pre-cleaning, no covering up my less than perfect messes.

They came in, we ate a delicious supper after together we cleared the bills off the table. We sat on the sofa and the chaise and didn't sit in the chair that was full of clean clothes waiting to be folded. We talked and laughed (and drank a little!) until nearly midnight.

And you know what?

It was great! We had a wonderful evening. They didn't care that the house was far from magazine worthy. They only cared that we got to enjoy a rare evening together just having fun.

The thing is, I normally would have been sick over the mess and it would have drove me nuts the whole time they were there and I would have spent a large part of the evening trying to tidy up, but I didn't because they knew we were moving. It made me feel like the mess was more acceptable.

My point?

My home will never be perfect. I will always have laundry to fold and toys to pick up. Right now there are boxes everywhere and few things are actually where they belong.

And it doesn't bother me.

The other day the Hub's mentioned someone might be stopping by and he asked if I would want them to see the house like this!? I laughed. Having just moved in a couple days ago of course it's a mess and of course I would love to have visitors! If I had been here for over a year and it looked like this I might feel different, but it's going to take a long time for me to find where I want things.

We haven't pushed anything back against the wall since we are still waiting on base trim, but that ok, last I checked people can sit on my couch that is two feet from the wall just as easily as one that is pressed back!

I don't want to feel different in a year though. In a year, when things have mostly found their home, and my home should be 'perfect', it won't be. I can guarantee there will be toys scattered around, dirty dishes in the sink, and laundry to be put away. It's my home, not a museum, we live and love here. We make messes, we clean them up and should someone stop by to say hello somewhere in between that, I will welcome them with a  smile and a cup of coffee, or wine, depending on the hour :)

Let's not put off what could be a perfectly enjoyable visit for fear we might not appear perfectly put together. Let's accept one another for exactly who we are, whether that is pulled together or a little bit wild.

Let's get together for a visit!

Have a beautiful Friday!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moved In and the Pictures to Prove It!

There are boxes everywhere. Boxes in the kitchen. Boxes in the bathroom.

Boxes stacked on top of boxes. Boxes stacked on top of boxes, stacked on top of boxes.

Do you know what that means?! 

It means we moved! 

We started on Saturday, and as much as I thought I had prepared, I wasn't nearly prepared enough. Things should have been more organized, and things should have been better packed, but that didn't stop us. 

We made sure the beds were one of the first things that went over to Lucky, so that they could be put together and we could sleep there on Saturday night. 

I wanted the kiddos to feel comfortable and have real beds made, not just mattresses thrown on the floor. 

A million trips were made between Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully we were moving less than a quarter of a mile! 

We have three nights sleeping here under our belts now and I am so content. 

There is still plenty to do, in fact I should probably be doing something house related rather than writing right now, but that won't stop me from sharing some sneak peaks with you! 

We still have trim work to complete, and my kitchen sink and dishwasher still need to be hooked up, but other than that we are up and running. I have a farm sink in the entry that I am using for now, until the plumbers come to hook up the kitchen sink. 

Oh, and there is no door on the bathroom... but the bathroom is on the end of the house and we just say we're going to use the bathroom and the other person steers clear. 

It works for us. It's a small sacrifice to make to be here. I have the door, but it was discovered deep in the back of an outdoor garage and needs a good cleaning. 

I should get on that... 

Oh well, I will show you the in progress photos, which are basically the 'there is stuff everywhere and you can't see much but I am excited and want to share' photos!

Messy entry. 

Pantry with sliding door. 

Bathroom vanity we made from an old buffet.

Basement stair banister. 

 Kiddos are using the little table and the Hubs and I are eating around an old island. 

Dining room. As soon as the trim is finished, we'll bring the dining table up from the basement.

The view from the dining room. 

Lot's of furniture that needs to find it's place!

The living room. Lots of clothes to fold, but look at those windows!

My office. 
I am writing this, sitting in that chair right there. Long way to go, but I love it anyways!

The view from the other side of my office. 

And finally, the holy grail of parenthood, the kiddos' toy room!

Obviously I have plenty of work to do, but it already feels like home. I have spent so much time working here, that it feels incredible to actually be living here. 

I love that I can work on cooking a meal while finishing a house project. Top on my list of projects;  finish painting and hang the kitchen cabinet doors, clean and mount bathroom door. 

The carpenters need to install the quarter round trim to the baseboards, then I can begin putting furniture into place. 

I'm just taking it one project at a time and I am loving it! 

Any advice on settling in? What room do you focus on first? Have a beautiful day!